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Perimeter control

Added security and comfort

Perimeter-control is a useful Home/business Surveillance technology to be applied whenever there is a need to avoid that unauthorized people trespass some selected line. The system is designed to deliver an alarm upon detection of such a menacing event.

You may remember old low technology Perimeter-control solutions that employed watch dogs chained to a long steel wire line, to patrol up and down along given perimeter stretches. The dogs were meant to alert with their barking the guards on duty nearby. This system works fine, except that it is labor intensive, an expensive proposition these days.

Perimeter-control using electronic technology can come over and above more classic obstacles to intrusion like security barriers, walls, fences, or warnings notices on forbidden access etc.

As usual with other types of alarms, the important decision is how to exploit the signal that goes off. The Perimeter-control triggered alarm can start the operation of surveillance cameras, or it can sound a siren to alert guards and scare burglars. At night it can flood the scene with powerful lights, blinding the intruders and convincing them to withdraw.

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Access Control

Automated gates

Automatic gates form an important part of perimeter security. Consequently, the emphasis in the design of gate automation products, particularly in this country, focuses more on security than convenience. This is important to stress as many systems are based on European and American designs where the convenience rather than security is the overriding factor.

Such (imported) systems may not allow for important provisions such as mains power failure back up which, in the South African context, is necessary given the nature of local criminal modus operandi, electrical storms and electrical grid downtime which are not uncommon in many parts of South Africa.

Speed and mode of operation

An inherent potential security problem occurs when the gate is open or in operation, as it then creates the biggest hole in a perimeter security system. Both the speed and mode of operation of the automatic gate becomes important. It is not uncommon for criminals to use the opportunity before the gate closes to enter the premises. What is required is a fast moving gate, which closes the moment a vehicle has passed through the entrance.

A variety of install options are available including game gates and automated gates.  Each client is visited and consulted to ensure that each specific need is met.  We also install solar panels to supply electricity to gates situated at remote sites.

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Fence installations

Business, Residential and Game Fencing installations

Choice decisions provided a wide variety of fencing options.  These options include:

  • Industrial Fencing

  • Residential Fencing

  • Electrified Fencing

  • Farm Fencing

  • Game Fencing

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